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IQRF Standards Association

IQRF Standards Association was founded in 2022 to enable easy and fair access to IQRF's great features and know-how.
Founding companies have contributed their patents related to the IQRF technology to the patent pool which is to be offered in royalty-free license to other manufacturers and adopters of the IQRF technology.

IQRF Standards Association provides a unique MAC address space ensuring devices from different manufacturers do not collide in networks, not even in complex IoT systems built of many different devices working connected together. The interoperability will then be your real joy.

Contact us for more info, we will be happy to discuss the best setup for your deployment of IQRF directly to your products.

Founding companies

IQRF Tech s.r.o. is the owner of all intellectual properties related to IQRF including all patents and trademarks.

MICRORISC s.r.o. is the original founder of IQRF technology, who today continues to innovate to improve the behavior and functionality of IQRF-based products.

IQRF Alliance z.s. certifies products for IQRF interoperability on an application level and as a community helps members promote their products and solutions based on IQRF technology.


If you have questions or would like to sign an agreement with the IQRF Standards Association, send us an email to:
open (at) iqrf.org

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Registered by the Regional Court in Hradec Králové Section L, Insert 14242 | Company ID: 17734193

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